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No man in this world doesn’t fear premature ejaculation. Just the thought that your penis won’t go for an extended period during your next sexual encounter is enough to make your penis shrink. The best way to beat premature ejaculation just rigorous practice and to stay away from psychological shackles. If you have tried to free yourself from the chains of premature ejaculation with little success, then the following pointers will help you out.

Ejaculate Before Sex

If you wish to stay longer in bed, then you should try ejaculating several minutes before having sex. Afterwards, perform oral sex until you achieve another erection. When you have sex, you will notice that you will last longer in bed. The principal reason why your ejaculation will delay is that you have already ejaculated. Try ejaculating twice before having sex if you wish to last longer in bed.

Use Condoms

The next technique that you can try to beat premature ejaculation is using condoms. Research shows that condom lowers the sensation or friction that occurs when you enter your partner. Without a condom, the impressions will be high and the shorter you will last. So with a condom, you reduce the sensations that you will receive and in the end you will last longer in bed without much struggle. Additionally, some condoms are made using desensitizing lotion to help in further desensitizing your penis.

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Do Kegel Exercises

Have you heard of kegel exercises? Well, if you haven’t then they are meant to strengthen your pelvic muscles that are also known as the PC muscles. They have incredible control over your ejaculation and learning how to enhance them is another secret to staying longer in bed. You can speak to your doctor or research online to find out more about the Kegel exercises that will be ideal for your case.

Clear Your Mind

When you are a victim of premature ejaculation, then you are aware that it’s a challenging task to focus on sex. Performance anxiety will make you always think about the climax denying you the chance to last longer in bed. Sex experts recommend that you clear your mind before engaging in sexual activity if you wish to satisfy the desires of your partner.


When we have sex, most people tend to tighten their muscles and forget to breathe. What they are not aware of is that they stop focusing on their goal which is lasting longer in bed. If you learn how to relax when having sex, then your chances of continuing longer in bed increase significantly.

Try Different Sex Positions

man and women sleepingYes, you heard me right! Research shows that some sex positions will make you cum quickly. So to beat premature ejaculation, you should try out techniques like the cowgirl where your partner rides you. It is less stimulating to you and more exciting to her vagina. Without and doubt performing this position before trying out other sexual situations will make you last longer in bed.

If you are like most men whose goal is to last longer, then the tips as mentioned above can come to your rescue. Lasting longer in bed is all about relaxation, focus, practice, and research, so don’t get discouraged with up your game.