twyy54u65y5eu67tuAre you preparing for a foot surgery? This must be a very anxious moment because you do not know if you will be able to walk normally after the surgery. It is important to get facts about the medical procedure you are just about to undergo so that you may prepare properly, manage your expectations and eliminate worries. To achieve this, there are several questions you must ask before foot surgery. These questions must be directed to the right persons so that you may get correct answers. Instead of getting worried about how your foot surgery will go, spend some time asking questions that will eliminate those worries.

Important questions you must ask before foot surgery

1. How should I prepare for foot surgery?

This will help you to understand what you are required to do or have before the surgery.

2. What is the total cost of the operation?

This will help you know whether your health plan will cover total expenses. It will also give you adequate time to talk to your medical insurance company on how to pay for your medical bill

3. How long will the procedure take?

Some operations take only a few minutes while others take many hours. It is good to know the approximate time

4. What kind of anesthesia will be used?

It is important to know the type of anesthesia (general, local or regional) or sedatives that will be used, why that particular anesthesia, who will give it and its risks

5. What is the expected outcome of the surgery?

This entails possible or anticipated benefits of the surgery and the possibility of getting these outcomes from the procedure. You will also be informed on how long the benefits will last

6. Will I use crutches after the foot surgery?

It is important to know how you will walk or move around after the surgery. This helps in making arrangements on how to get the crutches, if needed, and how long it will take before resuming your normal life.

7. Are there other options for this procedure?

e6rtkugjhds5If your foot condition can be rectified using other non-surgical treatments or medications, it is important for the doctor to explain their benefits and risks. This will help you understand why the foot surgery is necessary

8. What are the likely complications and risks of foot surgery?

Every surgical procedure has risks and benefits. Let your doctor explain them to you so that you may know when to seek medical help after the surgery

The questions you must ask before foot surgery are supposed to help you plan properly before, during and after the surgery.