e54u6e546ryf576o8yfiTo have a good looking skin is not always about applying chemicals or sophisticated recipes on your skin or going through intensive skin care procedures. A good skin can also be obtained by applying some basic skin care tips. These skin care tips can be applied at home and without the guidance of a doctor or skin care specialist.

List of some basic skin care tips

Protect your skin from the sun

Uncontrolled exposure of the skin to sunlight causes various skin problems such as age spots and wrinkles. Sun protection can be attained by use of sunscreen, being under the shade when the sun is very hot, and wearing protective clothing.

Balanced diet

Eat a balanced and healthy diet, which helps you feel and look younger. Include plenty of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and whole grains in your diet.e54u6e546ryf576o8yfi

Avoid or quit smoking

Smoking causes wrinkles and makes your skin appear to be older. It reduces the size of blood vessels. This reduces the flow of blood thus depleting the essential nutrients and oxygen needed for skin health.

Manage stress

There is a direct relationship between uncontrolled stress and skin problems. To avoid skin problems, find ways of managing stress so as to maintain a healthy mind.

Use mild soaps

Maintain a gentle skin by treating your skin gently. You can achieve this by reducing the time you spend bathing or showering especially when using hot water; avoid using strong soaps; pat your skin gently using a clean towel after every bath or wash; shave carefully using shaving cream, gel or lotion; and apply a suitable moisturizer on dry skin.

Cleanse your skin

Cleanse your skin using a cleanser that responds to your skin well. Be careful so that you do not over-cleanse. Cleansing keeps the skin clean and protects it from external dirt. It also opens pores, making it easier for the skin to breathe.

Exfoliate your skin

54856ftue5u6rf5Exfoliate your skin properly using any of the following options: facial scrub, washcloth, microdermabrasion, chemical peels or retinoid. Exfoliation removes accumulated dead skin tissues, leaving it to look good.


It maintains natural pH levels of the skin. It also protects the skin against microorganisms and bacteria. But remember to use a toner that is compatible with your skin.

Avoid excess sugar

Sugar influences inflammation that causes skin problems

Enhance your digestion by increasing your daily water intake and fiber in your diet. Proper digestion enhances elimination of toxins from the body thus reducing chances of these substances harming the skin.

These basic skin care tips will make your skin look healthier, younger and more attractive.